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Use search to find assets

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The search functionality works similarly to the Google search. You can use it to find the right assets, especially if you have thousands of assets in your asset bank, or you do not know the asset name. Search also helps, if you look for specific workflows or guidelines.

When you search for a phrase that consists of two terms, for example, Boston skyline, the top results show the assets that match both search terms. These are followed by the results that match only one of the terms. 


The search uses all the details provided by users to get results. It looks at the titles, descriptions, tags, or collection names. It also uses the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to scan PDF and Word documents. 

Boolean search is also supported.

Note: To use Boolean search operators such as AND, OR and NOT in our search, make sure you type the operators in capital letters. 

 Refine your search

    • If you want to get only the result that exactly match what you search for, wrap the search phrase in quotation marks, for example "Boston skyline". 
    • If you want to search for assets that contain all the terms from the search phrase, you can use AND. For example, if you want your search results to show the assets with Boston and skyline, type Boston AND skyline.

      Note: With this search, you will get Boston skyline results, but also, for example, Boston hotels skyline or Boston sunset skyline. 


    • If you want to get results that contain one or the other term from the searched phrase, type the phrase as is, for example, Boston skyline. This will show assets with Boston skyline, or Boston, or skyline in it. Alternatively, type Boston OR skyline to get the same results. 
    • If you want to find assets that contain Boston but not skyline, type Boston AND NOT skyline. This will show assets with Boston and exclude any assets that contain skyline. 

You can also search using smart filters. You can easily add a filter and delete those you do not need any more, and the results adjust in the background. You can also search assets using advanced, colour, and tag filters. See How can I filter for a specific asset.

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