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How do I use the Bynder InDesign plugin?

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With our Adobe Creative Suite plugins you will be able to work quicker and more effectively. Connect your Adobe CS applications easily to Bynder and you will be able to import your images directly from Adobe CS to Bynder as you would if storing them on your desktop.

We have plugins for all Adobe Creative Suite applications such as InDesign and Lightroom. With the Bynder Adobe CS plugins you will be able to spend less time managing your Adobe files.

This is how you import media directly from Bynder on to your Indesign Worksheet:

Select "Import from Bynder" in the InDesign menu. In the resulting pop-up, it is possible to find your desired image within seconds using a quick-search feature or smart filters. Next, select your file. Now, simply click on "Import" and the image is inserted directly into your InDesign Worksheet . When you update an image in Bynder and upload a new version, it is automatically synchronized with your existing InDesign Worksheets. Thus, the next time you open your worksheet, you will be notified automatically that a new version is available and if you want you can then update the image.

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