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How do I control different versions of pages in Guidelines?

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Users with the "edit guidelines" permission can view the version history of a Guidelines page. If you are in the editing mode of the Guidelines, you can click on the arrow symbol on the right next to the globe symbol. This will take you to the version history of this Guidelines page.

In the version history overview, you can see when and by whom the page has been edited last, as well as the status (published, draft etc.).

Simply click on the version you wish to display or edit. 

Published pages are visible to all users with the “show guidelines” permission setting. The currently published page cannot be deleted.

Draft pages are only visible to users with both the "show guidelines” and “edit guidelines” permission settings.

Once a new version of the page is published, the former published version will be saved as an archived page.

Draft and archived pages can be deleted by clicking the trashcan icon next to the version. 


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