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How do I edit existing Guidelines?

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Users with both the “show guidelines” and “edit guidelines” permission settings will be able edit the existing Guidelines pages and create new draft pages.

By clicking on the "Enable edit mode", you are able to make changes to your Guidelines pages.

Click on "Add paragraph" to create new text, or click inside the text to make edits if there is already pre-existing text.

An editing menu will then be available as displayed below in the screenshot below. This menu works similar to a word document. You can change the format of the text, alignment of the text, add images or links, etc.

NOTE: If you copy and paste text from another document, you MUST insert it as plain text by clicking on the following symbol:

Don't forget to save your work after finishing on the top right corner. This will save the page as a new draft version of your page. Only users with the "edit guidelines" permission setting will be able to view the draft pages.

When you are ready to publish your page and push it out to all users, click on the pencil icon to enable editing and then click the globe icon to “Publish this page.

Then, you will be prompted to confirm that you would like to publish the page. This newly published page will now be visible to all users, and the former published page will be saved as an archived page. 


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