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How do I select assets in the asset bank?

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Creating selections can be done in 3 simple ways.

Option 1: Tick each media on the top right corner

Move the mouse over the to be selected asset. A blue Box will appear in the top-right corner. By ticking this box, you'll instantly select your first asset.

Option 2: Drag a rectangle

Simply click the left button on your mouse and drag the mouse over the assets you want to select. The items located in the blue Selection area will be selected once you release the mouse button.

Option 3: Keyboard Shortkeys

Below you'll find an overview of our current Shortkeys, which can be found and activated using SHIFT + ?.

Most relevant in this context are:

SHIFT + CLICK Index select (last selection t/m current selection)

CMD/CTRL + CLICK  Inverse selection; thumbs also clickable

CMD/CTRL + DRAG  Inverse selection

CMD/CTRL + A  (de)select all

CLICK  Deselect selection

← → / J & K  Navigate trough the media files

SPACEBAR  (de)select current selection (also preview)

ESC  Deselect all



Video Tutorial#: AB023IP 


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