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Does Bynder provide statistics on user activity?

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Bynder has extensive statistics options and insights, comparable to those of Google Analytics. They allow you to see an overview of user activity, the number of downloads, the most downloaded assets, the most viewed assets etc.

It is even possible to get a full history for every user: what (s)he downloaded, and when. Thanks to our clients feedback, we are still working on expanding the extent of our statistic analysis tools.

You can access the Insights page from Settings > Account > Insights

Here is the main page overview for the Insights:


The Insights also allow you to check your media statistics, the actions that have been made by the users and also job statistics.

Please note that you can choose the dates within which you wish to view the insights.


  • Under Media you can check the:
  • Taken actions
  • Uploads
  • Deleted assets
  • Views
  • Downloads
  • Archived files



  • In the Insight section you can check the following actions taken by users:
  • New users
  • Logins
  • Logouts
  • Downloads





  • Under the Job section you can check out the following job statistics:
  • Created jobs
  • Job duration
  • Job revisions
  • Completed revision rounds

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