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Can an environment have a personalized URL?

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Most certainly, most of our clients have a personalized URL. But to achieve that we need to have some information.

Below you will find a further clarification of the option that is available for setting up a custom URL for your Bynder Account. Every domain we host on Bynder requires a valid SSL certificate. By default we provide every customer with a Bynder domain and SSL. If you want to have a custom domain we need a valid SSL certificate.

We can request a certificate for you with Domain verification. The client can also choose to purchase the SSL certificate yourself and provide it (securely) to us.

It is important that the following details are exactly the same as stated in your Chamber of Commerce registration. These are the details we need from you:


[Everything in brackets is an example]

Country Name (2 letter code): [NL]

State or Province Name (full name): [Zuid-Holland]

Locality Name (eg, city): [Rotterdam]

Organisation Name (eg, company): [Label A]

Organisational Unit Name (eg, section): [Marketing Department]

Email Address: [[email protected]]

Custom URL name: []

Name Contact person: [John Doe]

Address details Organisation that match the Who is of domain or Chamber of Commerce: [ Bynder Street 123, 1017MB, Amsterdam]

Telephone Number Contact person: [+31101234567]

E-mail address of admin: [[email protected]]

Note: this must be [email protected] (or webmaster or postmaster). - Confirmation for the certificate needs to be provided on this address.


Please do not hesitate to reach out to your project manager in case you would require some further assistance.


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