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How do I add annotations to an asset in CPM?

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Thanks to the Creative Project Management module, pointing out feedback is made easier by allowing you to annotate your feedback directly on the images. Bynder offers a whole set of annotation tools: text, colored arrows, circles and boxes. These tools will allow you to point things out in an easier way.

Find out how to use the annotation tools below:

  1. Go into the job, which contains the image you want to review.

  2. Click on the asset within the job. The detail page of the asset opens.

  3. Now click on the specific area of the image you want to comment on. A text box appears. Write your comment and press the Enter/Return key. The comment field changes to a circle with a number in it (first annotation gets 1, second 2 etc.). All annotations are displayed on the right side of the image. Click on the number right next to the image, or hover over the number on the image to open the comment box again.


4. You can also use arrows, circles or squares in different colors to point out your feedback.

To use these tools, click on the desired shape (square, circle or arrow) in the grey bar above the image.

To obtain different shape colors, simply click on the color tool and select your color. After you've added a shape, a text box will appear allowing you to add a textual comment to your shape.

To return to making simple text comments, click on the letter 'A' in the grey bar above the image.

See below an example with all available annotations.


Annotations aren't only limited to images. In videos you can annotate with text, however not with the shapes.

If you notice something you would like to edit in the video, press pause and click on it to add your comment.

After clicking on the Enter/Return key, the annotation will appear on the right side of the video at the exact time frame in which it is placed.

When you replay the video, your comment will appear at the time and place you left it in.

If you wish to jump to this particular time frame in the video, simply click on the annotation on the right.

When you add annotations to assets or videos, the uploaders will be notified by email so they can update the asset or simply reply to you. If you are the uploader of this asset, you won't receive notifications on your own annotations.


Video Tutorial#: CPM001IP

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