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Is Bynder able to snip video segments on the fly?

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Have you ever wanted to snip a video but have been withheld by the time-consuming process it involves? With Bynder, you can easily and quickly snip videos in the asset bank to any length. You can also choose which format you wish to save your video as. After setting the desired length and choosing a format, you have the choice whether to save the newly created video as a new asset, save the newly created version as a new version of the existing asset, or to download it directly to your hard drive.

How can I snip a video on the fly?

Start postion / End position
First click on the video that you want to cut, so that the asset detail screen opens. In the ‘Info’ tab in the right sidebar, click on ‘Clip video’. Several options will be shown to you. If you know the exact ‘start’ and ‘end’ position of the footage that you want to use, you can enter those positions in the two corresponding boxes called ‘Start position’ and ‘End position’. However, sometimes it’s easier to just select the positions within the video itself. You can do this by dragging the timeline needle to the desired start position, and then clicking on the record icon in the right-hand corner of the ‘Start position’ box. The exact start position will be filled in for you. Secondly, drag the timeline needle to the desired ending point of the video, and then click on the record icon in the right-hand corner of the ‘End position’ box, so that the current selected end position will be filled in for you.


In the box below you can select the preset that you would like to use for your snipped video. Bynder currently offers to save your edited video in the following presets: ● 720p 16:9 MP4 25FPS ● 1080p 16:9 MP4 25FPS ● 480p 16:9 MP4 25FPS

Clip video

In the last box you can decide whether you wish to save your new video as a new asset in the asset bank, as a new version of the existing video or as a download version only. Select the option you would like to use and don’t forget to click on the ‘Clip video’ button. If the process was successful, a notification bar should appear at the top of the screen. Your video will be processed. It will be available as a new asset, version or download after this step is completed. You will receive a notification once your new asset or version is ready or when you snipped video is available to be downloaded.



Please note that when support for .mov files with the ProRes codec is enabled for your portal, snipping on the fly no longer works for all .mov files. This is expected to be supported again in the near future. 

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