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How do I create a job with an existing preset?

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Click on Workflow in the navigation menu.

Click on "Create new" on the right hand side and choose the preset you wish to start the job with. In our case, we choose "Book time - Create Artwork"

This description is written according to a standard setup up of Bynder. The environment you use might have different settings, additional modules or custom changes. As a result, your own personal experience may vary to that of the example displayed above. 

Another window will pop open where you need to fill out the relevant information for the job you wish to start.


1. Select the campaign you want the job to be displayed in.

2. Add a job name.

3. Choose who is responsible.

4. Set a deadline.

5. Add a description of the job.

6. Click "Add" and the job will be started.


Video Tutorial#: CPM007IP_How can I create a job with an existing preset

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