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How do I search for and find an asset?

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There are two ways of finding assets in Bynder.

Option 1: Smart Live Search

Assets can easily be retrieved by use of the search function at the top of the page. After entering a search term, results will be returned instantly that match the title, description, tags or collection names. This allows you to retrieve all media, guidelines pages or workflows with little effort.

Option 2: Smart Filters

Next to the search function, it is also possible to use filters to narrow down the search results. Those filters can be cleared one by one or all at once. While you do so, the found assets will adjust to the selected filters in the background. You can also search assets via the advanced, colour and tag filter.

You can find out more about filters in this article: How can I filter for a specific asset?

This description is written based on a standard Bynder setup The environment you use might have different settings, additional modules or custom changes. Thus, your particular situation may vary.

Video Tutorial#: AB033IP


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