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How do I create a new user in Bynder?

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1. Go to Settings > Users & Rights > User Management.

2. Click on the top righthand corner on "Add new user".

3. Fill the form. The fields with a red star are mandatory. All others are optional.

In "Set user profile" you have to select a profile from the dropdown list.
IMPORTANT: Know that those profiles are representing User Groups. Every User Group has different rights. By adding a user in to the wrong User Group, can give a user more rights than you wanted to in Bynder.

When you check the box "Send e-mail notification", the new user will receive an e-mail with an introduction and link. Via the link, they can reach Bynder, and they will land on a page with a form where the user can set his own chosen password, and fill in the black fields (by checking this box, it will not be possible to set a password for the user). *See screenshot in attachment.

When checking the "Active" box, the user becomes an active user and as such is able to log in. Without this box checked, the user cannot log in.
IMPORTANT: When you do check the Notification box, but don't check the Active box, the user does get an e-mail, but with the message to contact the contact person at your organisation and no URL link to the system.

After filling all fields, click "Save".



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