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How do I upload assets to Bynder?

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There are two ways of uploading assets into Bynder.

Option 1: Drag and Drop

Simply drag files from your computer to your browser window and drop them. The upload starts automatically. This can be done for up to 250 files at once.


Option 2: Upload Media Button

Click on the "Upload media" button as shown in the screenshot below. A window will pop up where you can select the files you would like to upload.



Once you are uploading the assets, a preview will automatically be created. On the left side you are now able to change the name/title of an asset, sort them into filters, tag them and more.

This can be done with:

a) multiple assets at the same time on the left side

b) separately by simply selecting individual assets in the right corner.

Once all assets have been sorted accordingly, do not forget to click the "Store selected files" button in order to complete the uploading process of your assets into the asset bank.

Note: All information stored within the asset metadata will be imported automatically. If the photographer included keywords, these will be automatically displayed as tags in the upload screen.



Eye Icon

In the upload screen you will see an eye icon behind some of the filters:

The categories Continent & Country are currently not displayed per individual asset. Only the required filters are shown by default.

But of you click on the eye icon per filter, the optional filters will be shown per individual file:


Note: This description is written based on a standard Bynder setup. The environment you use might have different settings, additional modules or custom changes. Thus, your particular situation may vary.

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