July 2024 New Features

As a valued Bynder customer, we wanted to inform you about some new product enhancements to improve your Bynder experience.

We’ve outlined the updates below, which will be available on Monday, July 15, at 3 PM CET.

Have you considered using any recent updates, or are you looking forward to any of them?

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AI-Powered Translations (Studio Advanced Plan Only)

Utilize AI-powered translations to scale your content creation. This latest addition to Studio's automation features helps you create translated versions of corporate promos, ads, and social media posts, reducing reliance on costly translation services. Expand your reach with engaging, localized content for global audiences.

Learn more here.

Improved Templates Detail View

Studio users can now enjoy enhanced visual previews of pages and sizes in a template and details on intended use and category. This update significantly improves daily workflows, enabling quicker template selection, better organization, and more streamlined content creation.

Learn more here.

Contact your Customer Success Manager to enable Studio and learn about associated costs. 


Enhanced Collection Search and Share Experience!

It's now easier than ever to find a collection. A new search bar within the collections overview page will help you quickly narrow results by name, saving you time and effort. Additionally, we've improved the share access terminology to make it clearer. Enjoy a more efficient and confident sharing experience.

Streamlined Font Upload with Auto-Fill Data!

Uploading fonts in the DAM is now easier than ever. The optimized font upload flow allows you to upload multiple files simultaneously, even across different font families. Metadata is automatically extracted and pre-filled, saving you time and ensuring accuracy. These fonts will be applied to your portal theme.

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Asset Workflow

Optimised Job Filter & Column Configuration

Our improved layout and design make customizing and configuring job columns & filters easier and more intuitive. Users can now easily rearrange columns and filters by dragging and dropping them, offering a more flexible user experience. Take advantage of a more personalized job overview to work more efficiently and make decisions faster!

Learn more here.

Contact your Customer Success Manager to enable Asset Workflow and learn about associated costs. 


Revamped Asset Bank Dashboard (Advanced Analytics Only)

The revamped dashboard enables users to easily access valuable insights on the DAM's value through improved presented metrics. With more detailed views, useful data breakdowns, a wider variety of filters, and enhanced features, it optimizes overall analytics usage, improves content quality, and boosts ROI.

Learn more here.

Contact your Customer Success Manager to upgrade to an Advanced Analytics plan and learn about associated costs. 


Google Workspace (LinkrUI)

You can now search and select assets from the DAM directly within the Google Workspace applications. Integrating your Bynder DAM with Google Workspace enhances team collaboration by creating a single source of truth for your digital assets and eliminating the need to switch between platforms.

Learn more here.

Contact your Customer Success Manager to enable this integration and learn about associated costs. 


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