View Calendar in Content Workflow

The project calendar, found on the Calendar tab, assists in monitoring a project's deadlines. When due dates are assigned within a project, they are displayed on the calendar. Each project has its dedicated calendar, showing only its specific due dates. You have the option to filter the view to display only the due dates assigned to you.

You can sync due dates to an external calendar (like Google Calendar or Outlook

View Project Deadlines

  1. Navigate to Content Workflow > Calendar Tab.[CW] Calendar Tab.png
  2. In the top left-hand corner, select the project from the dropdown.[CW] Project Name.png
  3. Click on any item entry on the calendar to see the details.[CW] Due Date Info.png 
    • The item name.
    • The item's current workflow status (indicated by the first color block—hover for the status name).
    • The name of the workflow status to which this due date belongs.
    • Details of the due date and time for this item.
    • Anyone who is assigned to this item.
    • Any items that are overdue will appear in red
  4.  At the top left of the calendar, use this dropdown to filter it to show only the due dates for specific steps in your workflow. 

[CW] Calendar Workflow Step.png

Only See My Assignments

  1. To filter the calendar to show only the items you're assigned to, select Only Show My Assignments located in the bottom left corner of the calendar tab. [CW] My Assignments Calendar.png


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