June 2024 New Features

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As a valued Bynder customer, we wanted to inform you about some new product enhancements to improve your Bynder experience. We’ve outlined the updates below, which will be available by Monday, June 3, at 3 PM CET.

Have you considered using any of the recent updates, or are you looking forward to any of them? Share your thoughts with us in the Community!

Content Workflow

Export Word/PDF as Content Only

You can now streamline your workflow by automating the removal of metadata, guidelines, and unnecessary content from exported documents. This ensures users obtain precisely what they need without the headache of manual editing, contributing to a smoother and more satisfactory experience.

Learn more here.

Integrate Components with Advanced Custom Fields in WordPress

With this update to our WordPress integration, you can map content to one of the most popular WP modular plugins: Advanced Custom Fields. This will help you scale content deployment quicker!

Learn more here.

Field Navigator

This capability allows authors to find and jump to their desired field effortlessly, streamlining the editing process. Say goodbye to endless scrolling and hello to efficient, hassle-free editing!

Contact your Customer Success Manager to enable Content Workflow and learn about associated costs. 

Asset Workflow

Custom Job Filter

This feature allows you to configure custom metaproperty filters in all job overviews and per-campaigns. In addition, it's now easier to filter users and groups, making locating jobs that need your attention quicker. Enhance your workflow with this powerful new tool!

Learn more here.

Contact your Customer Success Manager to enable Asset Workflow and learn about associated costs. 


Asset Intended Use

Gain insights on how assets are used beyond the DAM after download. Understand how often assets are reused and what their purposes are outside the DAM. This will allow you to understand the value your DAM provides more accurately. The Asset Intended Use dashboard is available in Standard and Advanced Analytics.

Contact your Customer Success Manager to enable the Download Form. 

Search Analytics Dashboard

Great news! DAM Admins with Advanced Analytics can better understand what DAM users are searching for and why they may not get relevant search results, enabling them to optimize content utilization.

Learn more here.

Contact your Customer Success Manager to enable Advanced Analytics and learn about associated costs. 


Improved Share Experience

From creating custom thumbnails to a more modern and user-friendly design when editing collections, DAM users have an improved experience when sharing assets externally. Moreover, users can now create collections directly from the collection dashboard, enhancing collaboration and workflow management. Start creating Collections here.

Relate Assets 

With the improved Relate Assets page, the search bar moves to the top, and smart filters are now automatically available, eliminating the need for any action on your end. Plus, collections integrated into the new UCV allow for seamless asset relations. Enjoy a more intuitive and efficient experience!

AI Search Experience Improvement

Did you know you can search for assets directly from the API and the UCV search bar with Text-in-Image or Speech-to-Text? You can find your assets using AI Search from an external application or other Bynder Integrations and Partner Connectors.

Contact your Customer Success Manager to enable the AI Search Experience and learn about associated costs. 



This powerful integration allows you to create a streamlined workflow where asset creation and distribution occur on a single platform. Enjoy automated metaproperties mapping, maintain version control, and ensure that your assets' approved and most recent versions are automatically sent back to your DAM upon a status update in Smartsheet. Simplify your workflow and enhance efficiency with this seamless integration!

Learn more here.

Contact your Customer Success Manager to enable Integrations Hub and learn about associated costs. 

Partner Integration


This integration allows you to seamlessly send assets from Bynder to your MarcomCentral Library for use in customizable templates. With assets linking back to Bynder, your MarcomCentral Library will always reflect the latest images. Access all your Bynder assets directly from your MarcomCentral Libraries, saving you time by only needing to upload new versions in one place. Enhance your workflow and ensure consistency with this efficient new feature!

Learn more here.

Tridion Sites

With Tridion Sites Integration, you can use your Bynder-stored digital assets directly in Tridion Sites, saving time searching and viewing assets. The pairing offers a quick and easy connection that feeds files from your asset library, allowing you to search using keywords and find the right files fast.

Learn more here.


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