March 2024 New Features

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Content Workflow

Contentful Integration

You can seamlessly integrate with Contentful to manage and distribute daily content effectively. Operationalize and automate the process of moving approved content from Content Workflow to Contentful to accelerate the speed of content to market!

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Asset Workflow (Previously Creative Workflow)

Apply Limited Usage & Archive Dates to Workflow Assets

By applying Limited Usage & Archive Dates for Workflow Assets, the need for manual updates of these dates in the Waiting Room/DAM can be eliminated. You can now allow your end users to add Limited Usage & Archive Dates to exported Workflow assets, improving control and efficiency in managing your business processes.

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Edit Templates and Update Designs in Review

Studio designers can now edit existing templates and publish them as new versions without starting from scratch. Additionally, Studio reviewers gain the autonomy to make design changes directly in review mode, eliminating the back-and-forth and reliance on designers.


Consistent Collection Browsing Journey

Get excited about the improved Collection Browsing Journey! Now, you can easily browse through your filter history. Additionally, this enhancement enables you to bookmark your frequently used filters and share links to Public collections with applied sorting properties.

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Facial Recognition Focus Point

A new feature in DAT that uses facial recognition technology to adjust the focus point on images automatically. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual adjustments and hello to improved image quality! 

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Predictable URLs Enhancements

Bynder Predictable URLs, once limited to images, now retrieve original assets—videos, PDFs, and more. In addition, it now supports text metaproperties, which gives users more flexibility in retrieving assets.

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Account Level Delivery Dashboards (Advanced Analytics Only)

Understand how content performs outside of the DAM with Delivery Dashboards. Gain insights into the value of your assets based on asset views across websites.

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Alerts (Advanced Analytics Only)

Stay on top of significant changes in the DAM and respond quickly with Alerts. The Alerts feature allows you to create alerts based on specific metrics, set thresholds for these alerts, define an interval for checking the data, and assign a recipient to receive notification emails.

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Scheduled Reports(Advanced Analytics Only)

Streamline decision-making processes with automation that ensures stakeholders receive the latest data and insights at a predefined time. Distribute reports and dashboards directly to chosen recipients' emails to consume DAM analytics easily.

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OneDrive and Sharepoint

Improved efficiencies by automatically moving assets in your OneDrive folder to your Bynder DAM without downloading from OneDrive, re-uploading to Bynder, and utilizing delegate authentication on login. Save time and effort by automatically uploading assets to chosen folders and applying metaproperties before adding final versions to the DAM.

Partner Connector: Agility CMS

Streamline collaboration among teams, ensuring accurate and consistent content across various platforms by accessing the assets you need from within Agility CMS. Enable efficient content delivery. Dynamic linking of media files with content, version control, asset tracking, and task automation enhance workflow efficiency and user experience.

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Partner Connector: Salsify

With this integration, the bidirectional synchronization of assets and metadata between Bynder and Salsify has never been easier. The solution is complemented with enhanced linking capabilities to support localization and time-stamped seasonal content, maintaining optimal version control in your Salsify deployment to manage syndication appropriately.

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