Set a Custom Focus Point in DAT

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Sometimes the focus point that is set in the DAM may not be suitable for the transformation you want to create. Avoid uploading the same asset multiple times to set different focus points as DAT allows you to set up a custom focus point in the Asset Detail View. This won't override the main focus point set in the DAM

Who can create a focus point in DAT?

Set Focus Point in DAT

  1. Navigate to your Asset Bank.

  2. Select Transformations in the Info tab to open the DAT UI.

  3. Click Transform and click Add transformation.

  4. The Crop and Fill transformation both support setting up a custom focus point.

  5. Open the Focus dropdown and select Override focus point.

  6. Toggle the Show real-time editor switch and drag and drop the cursor in the preview to the position that you want to set as the focus point.

    • Alternatively, you can enter the desired coordinates of the focus point in the X and Y fields. 
  7. The custom focus point will only be used for this transformation and will not override the main focus point set on an asset level in the DAM.
  8. Once you've set the quality and output of the DAT derivative you can start using it.

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