What is Dynamic Asset Transformation (DAT)

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Dynamic Asset Transformation (DAT) connects your DAM content engine with your technology setup, automating asset optimization.

With DAT, you can generate tailored versions of assets for different systems by adding specific parameters to the DAT derivative URL.

Using Dynamic Asset Transformations suited to the platform or device your users use ensures an optimal user experience.

When configuring Dynamic Asset Transformations, the system uses the focus point set at the asset level in the DAM. You can override this focus point when creating a new transformation or preset without affecting the asset's focus point in the portal. Moreover, the DAT service automatically updates the Bynder CDN cache when a new manual focus point is set or when a new asset version is uploaded, maintaining brand consistency.

How to enable this feature in your portal?

Contact your Customer Success Manager to enable this feature in your portal and learn about any associated costs.


Below are some example base URLs that you can customize using the available parameters. Check out this section for more information on hw to apply those parameters. The table below previews the original images.

For example, the following URL will create a crop of 1200x1200 pixels of the Musician photo and the focal point will be automatically detected.


  • Music Photo


  • Party Photo


  • Musician Photo



Music Photo

5760 × 3840 pixels


Party Photo

5616 × 3744 pixels


Musician Photo

2766 × 3470 pixels

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