Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) In Content Workflow

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Using two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an additional security measure to your account. It mandates entering a verification code before accessing Content Workflow.

Enable Two Factor Authentication 

  1. Navigate to Content Workflow.
  2. Select your Personal Settings.
  3. Select Set up two-factor authentication.
  4. Download your preferred 2FA app on your mobile device. We recommend using Google Authenticator although we also support all other apps.
  5. Using the app, scan the QR code shown on your screen. This code is unique to your user account. If the QR code doesn't appear to be working, you can click the link that says QR code not working? to reveal a unique code.
  6. Input this unique code into your two-factor authentication app.
  7. Enter the 6-digit verification code shown in the app into the box in Content Workflow, and select Verify code and enable 2FA.
  8. The verification codes are time-sensitive, so keep your device close by when attempting this. If you receive an error message, try entering the code again or start from Step 2 above.
  9. Once you successfully enable 2FA, you will receive a confirmation email from Content Workflow, where you will see the status Enabled in your personal setting
  10. Additionally, each user is provided with a set of recovery codes to help access their account should they forget their password. To access these codes click View recovery codes under your security settings.
  11.  Your codes should be stored in a safe place to prevent you from being locked out of your account for an extended period.
  12. Once you have enabled 2FA for your account, your login process will now contain an additional step requiring you to enter a 6-digit verification code after your email address and password.
  13. Enter the verification code in the box and click Log in to complete.

Disable 2FA 

  1. Navigate to Personal Settings.
  2. Select Disable two-factor authentication.
  3. When you have successfully disabled two-factor authentication, you will receive a confirmation email from Content Workflow.


What should I do if I'm locked out and don't have my recovery codes

In this situation, you will need to contact support and they will walk you through the steps required to regain access to your personal account.

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