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In the portal, you can view your complete Bynder Express Transfer history, which includes both active and inactive transfers, expired and non-expired transfers, as well as canceled transfers. Some users have access to view the transfer history of all Bynder users for security purposes when an employee departs, for auditing, to prevent misuse of Bynder Express, and to monitor past transfers.

Who can view personal Bynder Express Transfer History?

Users with the following rights can view personal Bynder Express Transfer 

  • View personal transfer history 

Who can view Bynder Express Transfer History from others?

Users with the following rights can view Bynder Express Transfer History

  • View transfer history from others 
How to View Transfer History
  1. Navigate to your Portal.
  2. Select Your User Name > Transfer history.
  3. Here, you can do the following:
    • View or sort the data
      • Hover over the Recipients column to view the complete list of recipients

      • Hover over the Expires In data to see the exact date and time of the expiration date

    • monitor the status of the transfer
      • Red means the transfer has expired.
      • Orange represents the transfer expiring in 24 hours.
      • Green indicates the files are still available for download.
  4. Select  linkIcon.png to view and copy the generated Link for any available transfers. Once the transfer expires, the Link will be broken and unavailable to copy.
  5. SelectdownloadIcon.png to download the files for an available transfer. This option is available if the files have not expired.
  6. SelectrevokeIcon.png to revoke access to your transfer. The shared URL will stop working, and recipients can no longer download the shared file(s). The shared files will be removed from our server. 


    Even if you are an admin with permission to view transfer history from others you can only revoke your transfers and not the transfers of other users, 


What if I want to revoke the URL that another user created?

You only revoke access to your transfers even if you are an admin. We suggest you contact the user who created the transfer and have them revoke the link in their portal. 


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