Permissions in Brand Store

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Below is the list of permissions you can assign in Brand Store.  

Heavy, Regular, and Light Users define these.

All of these can be added to certain Permission Groups created in the Permissions Management section of your portal.

Bynder has a default set of rights that define these permission types' capabilities. However, you can customize these to fit your use case. 

Heavy user

Regular user

Light user

  • Assign budget - Allows users in the Brand store to assign budgets for other users.

  • View orders- Allows users to view orders in admin settings.

  • Manage orders - Allows users to edit orders in admin settings. (The Order admin view right is required.)

  • Allow access to brand store management - Allows users to navigate to Brand store admin settings.

  • Order admin list - Allows users to see the list of orders in the admin settings. The permission works with the Brandstore admin list and Order admin view.

  • Download asset - Allows users to download assets from the Brand store.

  • Brand store access - Allows users to access the Brand store.

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