Size Recommendations in Brand Guidelines

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To make sure your Brand Guidelines load quickly, there is a limit on the size of the content. The maximum size allowed is 5MB, which is approximately 4 million characters. This limit applies regardless of the number of pages or chapters in the guide. You can have a single long page or multiple pages within this size limit. If you are nearing the size limit, a message will appear at the bottom of the page, suggesting that you either remove content to stay within the limit or create a new guide.




What is the recommended image size to use in Brand Guidelines?

See here for the recommended sizes for images to use in your Brand Guidelines.

How many pages and guides I am allowed to have in my Brand Guidelines?

Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn which Brand Guideline plan you are on, the threshold, and the associated costs of adding more pages and guides.

What's the main factor for reaching the maximum size of a guide? 

We base the size of guides primarily on the number of text characters, with the current limit set at 5MB, approximately 4 million characters. The Text Widget plays a significant role in reaching this maximum size, while images and videos embedded in the guide have a minimal impact on its overall size. The size of media files does not significantly affect the guide size as it is determined by the number of characters in the URL, not the actual file size stored in the DAM.

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