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To ensure optimal performance (loading time) of your Brand Guidelines, there is a maximum size of its content. The cap is 5MB (roughly 4 million characters) regardless of the number of pages or chapters. This means you can have one long page or dozens of pages in a single guide so long as they are at most 5MB. If you're close to exceeding the guide size limit, you'll see a message at the bottom of the page that indicates how close you are to reaching the maximum size and that you either delete content to fit in the guide or simply create a new guide.


How many pages and guides I am allowed to have in my Brand Guidelines?

Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn which Brand Guideline plan you are on and the threshold and the associated costs in adding more pages and guides.


What's the main factor for reaching the maximum size of a guide? 

We determine the size of the guides mainly on the number of text characters. The current cap is 5MB, roughly 4 million characters. This means that the Text Widget is the main factor in reaching the maximum size of a guide. Images and Videos (including gifs) embedded in the guide take up an insignificant portion of guide size (their weight is based on the number of characters in the URL and not the size of the image/video stored in the DAM), so independent of the size of media file you embed, the impact on size will be trivial.

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