Working with the Timeline in Studio

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The timeline serves as the foundation of video design in Studio. You can add images, shapes, text, or video clips to populate the timeline.

  1. Navigate to Studio.
  2. Either create a new video design or edit an existing video design.
  3. Navigate to the design editor. In video designs, all the assets used to create the video are placed on a timeline at the bottom of the screen. Image1.png
  4. Add images, shapes, text, or video clips to populate the timeline.
  5. When adding video clips, you can choose to trim them. You can make the scene length dynamic, allowing the end user to control the clip length. As the designer, you can also set up the behavior of other elements in the scene for when the scene length changes.
  6. You can use various methods to align & distribute the image and video assets on the timeline.
  7. You can add animations and transitions to assets on the timeline.
    Items on the timeline can be grouped.
  8. Assets can be used as masks for other assets.
  9. Want to reuse an element on the timeline in a different design? You can save items as presets and add presets to the timeline.
  10. Audio tracks cannot be added directly to the timeline, but you can add a global audio track or manage the audio of individual video clips.
  11. Once everything is ready, you can choose the poster frame used for the video.

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