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In Content Workflow, we provide two methods of informing you of activity: in-app via the notifications sidebar and email.

Notifications Sidebar

From anywhere within Content Workfow, click Screenshot 2024-01-09 at 1.02.48 PM.png to access your notification sidebar.

Notification events have been split into two sections: Activity and Comments.

  • The Activity section contains events relating to item assignments, due dates, overdue items, and more.
  • The Comments section contains events relating to conversations, such as new comments on assigned items, replies, and mentions.

Each tab will display the number of unread notifications.

Managing notifications

Each notification can be marked as read, marked as unread, or deleted. To do this, hover over a notification to reveal the actions.

Under the sidebar menu, you have various options at your disposal. You can mark all of your notifications as read, choose to view unread notifications only, or delete all of your notifications.


Click on the search button to find specific events. Both the title and description are searchable, and results are shown in each section separately. Clear your search to return to view all events.

Note: Your notifications sidebar contains events from the last 30 days. Events older than this will be deleted automatically.


The same notifications visible n the notifications sidebar are also sent as email notifications. Within your personal settings, you can choose how you receive email notifications.

  • None - disable email notifications (we will still send important account emails)
  • Individual - notifications are sent individually as they happen
  • Grouped - notifications are grouped and sent periodically

Grouping email notifications is handy if you tend to receive many notifications. Depending on account activity, grouped email notifications are sent approximately every 15-30 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have I yet to receive an email?
Some email systems can block emails from specific senders. If you've not received an email you're expecting from Content Workflow, you should:

  1. Check your junk or spam folder to ensure it wasn't put there by mistake. If this happens, be sure to whitelist our sender address:
  2. Check that your email notification setting isn't set to None. 
  3. If you still can't find it, let us know via the blue bubble in Content Workflow and we'll check to see if there's a technical issue (maybe it has bounced).

Can I customize email notifications?
At the moment it isn't possible to customize notifications, for example, with custom content and branding.

How often will you remind me of items that are due?
We send reminders for items as follows:

  • 24 hours before the due date (item is due soon)
  • Approximately 10 minutes after the due date (item is overdue)

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