Apply Templates to Items in Content Workflow

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After creating a template in Content Workflow you can apply the template to items in your projects to save time and have a consistent structure to your content. 

Learn about managing templates here

Apply a Template to One Item

  1. Navigate to Content Workflow.
  2. Follow the steps to create a template.
  3. Open the item that you would like to apply the template to.
  4. On the left-hand side select Template and select from the dropdown of templates available.
  5. Click Apply template.

Apply a Template to Multiple Items

  1. Navigate to Content Workflow.
  2. Select the items you'd like to apply the template to. They will appear highlighted once selected. Hold Shift on your keyboard to select multiple items.
    • Tip: If you want to do this for ALL items in a project, click on the All items folder on the left sidebar.
    • Select an item, and then scroll to the bottom of the page. Click 'Select all' from the toolbar.
  3. From the toolbar at the bottom of the page, select Screenshot 2024-01-04 at 12.11.12 PM.pngApply a template.  When you update a template, the changes you make will affect all items using that template. This makes it easy to manage large numbers of items.
  4. If you already have content in an item we recommend duplicating before applying a new template as once you apply a new template it will overwrite the existing content.
  5. Select the template from the dropdown menu and select Confirm. 


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