Customize the Cover Image of a Project in Studio

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Project cover images give an overview of the project's content, helping you determine relevance for your purpose.

Who can customize the cover image of a project in Studio?

  • All Studio Users
  1. Navigate to Studio.
  2. Navigate to Projects.Screenshot 2023-12-15 at 2.32.51 PM.png
  3. Hover over the project you want to add a cover image and click Three dots.png
  4. Select Edit Details. iamge09.png
  5. Click Upload Cover or select  Screenshot 2023-12-15 at 2.22.38 PM.png to upload an image from your device. The images can be either a png or jpg. 
    • Alternatively, you can update the cover to a solid color by entering a hex code or using the eyedropper to select a color.  iamge10.png
  6. Click Save Changes

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