Working with Animation Effects in Studio

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You can use animation effects in your video designs. They can be applied to video, image, text, shapes, or groups of elements.

Who can apply animation effects in Studio?

  • Admins
  • Content Designers

Apply Animation Effects

  1. Navigate to Studio.
  2. Create a new design or edit an existing one. 
  3. Select a text, image, or video element in your timeline. 
  4. Click on the Animate menu in the right panel. Image1.png
  5. Toggle the Animale button to expand the animate settings.
  6. Choose the desired animation effect and adjust the timing, duration, and other settings. Image2.png
  7. Move the slider bar to adjust the start frame and/or duration of the animation in the timeline. Adjust_transition.gif
  8. You can apply additional animation settings below: 
    • Blinks: The amount times the elements blink on and off.
    • Move: Select the coordinates towards which the element will move. You can enable/disable motion blur for this option.
    • Pop: How much the animated element will scale. You can enable/ disable motion blur for this option.
    • Scale: Size of the element to end the animation on.
    • Rotate: Choose the angle and the number of rotations. You can enable/ disable motion blur for this option.
  9. Click Save > Publish.

Animation Effect Options











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