Review and Manage Design Approvals in Studio

Approvals provide more control over content created in Studio as you can assign reviewers to review, suggest edits, and approve files before being exported. You can view the status of a design here.

Enabling Approvals prevents Content Creators from exporting the content or sending it to the Waiting Room until it is approved. 

In Review Status

  • Designs that are pending approval have an In Review status.
  • Reviewers can edit content and send it back for approval to the design's approver. Screenshot 2024-02-26 at 2.07.48 PM.png

Request Edits

  • In this status, the design is resubmitted for approval, and any reviewers can review the changes and make edits if needed.

Approve a Design

  • In this Approve the creator can export the design, download it immediately, or send it to the waiting room, depending on the export options set in the design.
  • Creators cannot make changes to a design after it’s Approved


  1. Navigate to Studio.
  2. In the left sidebar, click Share with me.1_Find_Design_needing_approval.png
  3. Search, filter, or navigate directly to the design, and select it to open.
    • The status will be displayed next to the design name. 2_Status.png
  4. Click Review design. 
  5. Add your review to the popup, set the approval status, and enter an optional comment in the Leave a Comment section. 
  6. By default, an email is sent to approvers and requestors for approval.
  7. Click Submit your review. 


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