WordPress Library Sync Integration

WordPress is an open-source content management system for creating blogs, websites, and other content.

With the WordPress integration, you can synchronize the assets in your Bynder DAM to the WordPress Media Library and publish your photos, images, and any other brand asset from your Bynder DAM account directly to your WordPress websites.

Important Information

Before setting up the integration, please ensure the following is set up:

  • Bynder Asset will need to have all the tags before they are synced to WordPress.
  •  Generate a WordPress Application Password here.

How to Enable the WordPress Library Sync Integration

Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more about enabling the WordPress Library Sync integration and associated costs.

How to Set Up Integration

  1. Navigate to Settings > Advanced settings> Portal settings.
  2. Click Browse Integrations in the left sidebar.
  3. In the WordPress section, click Configure.
  4. If you've already configured a Bynder connection, it will be selected. If not, select New Authentication to add your Bynder credentials:
    • Your authentication name: Enter a name for the authentication.
      Domain: Enter your unique domain by copying the URL of your Bynder portal (including https://).
  5. Click Create, then Next.
  6. Select New authentication and add the following information:
    • Authentication name: Enter a name for the authentication.
    • WordPress Application Password: Copy the WordPress Application Password. Learn more about how to generate a WordPress Application Password here.
  7. Click Create.
  8. Asset Tag: Assets tagged with the Asset Tag will sync to your WordPress Media Library.Assets will only sync to WordPress once the tags are added in Bynder.
    • We recommend naming the Asset Tag an obvious name, such as “WordPress” or “WordPress sync.
    • Adding multiple tags separated by a comma is an "AND" condition. 
  9. Static Metaproperties: You can automatically add specific metaproperty values to all assets synced from Bynder to WordPress Library.
  10. Click Choose an option under Bynder Metaproperty and select a field from the dropdown. You can map an asset’s metaproperty to the following WordPress Attributes: Description, Caption, and Alt Text.
  11. In the Value section, enter the option that the synced assets should be tagged with.
    11. Click Add a new mapping.
    11. Click Next, then Finish.

How to Use The Integration

Once the integration is set up, assets from Bynder will sync to your WordPress Library after approximately 5 minutes.


Any Bynder asset added before setting up the integration must be manually added to your WordPress Media Library.

Edit the integration

If you would like to disable the integration, update your synced tags, or edit your WordPress credentials, you can edit the configuration.

  1. Navigate to Settings >Advanced settings >Portal settings.
  2. Click Active Integrations in the left sidebar, then Edit in the section of the connection that you would like to update.
  3. Make your changes, then click Save.

Supported File Types

See here for a list of allowed asset types in WordPress.


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