Customize Your Design Text as a Content Creator in Studio

As a Content Creator in Studio, you can work with preset text styles to create your own content variations when working on a video or image design.  A text style includes the font, font-weight & size, line & character spacing, and text alignment of text. It does not include color.  A Studio Content Designer or Admin is able to create and manage new text styles.


Who can work with text styles in Studio?

  • All Studio Users

Working with Text Styles as a Content Creator

  1. Navigate to Studio
  2. Open a Design. 
  3. In the Image Tab located on the right-hand side select Quote Text. 06_-_Quote_Text.png
  4. Select the text you would like to change or add new text.
  5. If your Content Designer created additional text styles for you to use they will appear in the dropdown. 
  6. Select the text style.
  7. Once you have selected the text style you will see the text update immediately. 
  8. Click Save



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