Create a New Text Style in Studio

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Text styles eliminate the need for repetitive text configuration for each design, saving designers and content creators time and ensuring consistent, cohesive designs.

Studio Admins and Content Designers can create and manage text styles.

Content Creators can work with those predetermined text styles in their designs. 

How to Create a New Text Style in Studio

  1. Navigate to Studio
  2. Either create a new design or edit an existing design.
  3. Open your design in the Design Editor.
  4. Select the Text Element in the design. 01_-_Select_text_element.png
  5.  On the right-hand side below the Text section, select the desired font, format, size as well as other font options. Then click on the dropdown below. 01_-_Text_sidebar.png
  6. Within the search bar, click the + option to create a new text style. 03_-_Create_text_style.png
  7. In the Create text style popup, enter the name of the new text style.
  8. Click Create text style
  9.  Learn more about managing text styles here.

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