Managing Text Styles in Studio

Studio Admins and Content Designers can manage text styles by detaching, renaming, re-ordering or deleting them while editing a design.

You can control which text styles are available to your Content Creators when they create their own design variations.


Manage Text Styles (detach, rename, delete)

  1. Navigate to Studio.
  2. Open your design in the Design Editor.

  3. Select the Text Element in the design. 01_-_Text_sidebar.png
  4. In the right sidebar select the desired text style. 
  5. Click three_dots.png 

    • Detach style -  allows you to detach the text style from the text while maintaining the set properties.

    • Rename style - allows you to rename the text style to easily identify it.

    • Manage text styles- this allows you to manage the text style.

    • Delete style - Delete text style.


Manage Text Styles for Content Creators

  1. Under Manage text styles you can control which text styles you would like your Content Creators to have access to for their design variations. 
  2. Click the drop-down option to see all text styles. 
  3. Scroll down and click Configure element styles. Make any adjustments.
  4. Click Save Changes.



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