Limit the Asset Source to a Collection in Studio

Designers can restrict Content Creators to only select specific assets within a collection when replacing an image or video asset within a template. This ensures that users only use on-brand, approved assets in their images and videos.

  1. Navigate to Studio.
  2. Create a new design or edit an existing design.
  3. Add an image or video asset to the canvas or select an existing element.
  4. Click the All assets dropdown in the Asset Source section on the right-sidebar. asset-source-image-1.png
  5. Browse or search for the collection you want to assign to the image or video.
  6. Select the collection.
  7. Now, users will only be able to choose an image or video from the collection as they're updating the design.


  • Make sure to create the collection of assets in the DAM beforehand.
  • Only image assets in a collection will be selected for images in a design/template, and only video assets will be selected for videos in a design/template.
  • Users will need to have access to the collection in order to select from them within Studio so make sure the collection is shared with the appropriate users beforehand.


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