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Bynder Analytics lets you quickly keep up-to-date with what is happening in your portal. The dashboard reporting gives you an overview of the portal's traffic and usage. Bynder Analytics has three packages: Light, Standard, and Advanced Analytics.

Who can view and download Analytics reports?

Users with the following permissions can access and download the reports:

  • View advanced reporting

How to View Analytics Reports

  1. Navigate to mceclip2.png Settings > Reporting > Analytics.
  2. Click the dashboard that you would like to view in the left navigation.
  3. You can also apply filters for some of the dashboards to make your report more specific. For example, set a specific time frame and date granularity.

How to Download Analytics Reports and Dashboards

  1. To download the dashboard or report, click  then select Download or Download Data.
  2. You can download the entire dashboard or an individual graph/data point.
    • Currently, the export is limited to 500 rows.
  3. For some of the Numbers widgets (you can recognize them while hovering over them - the number will get underlined), you can also click on the underscored number to explore data points by the user or see the data points in the drill-down by clicking "Show all".

  • Clicking Show all will drill down the data. However, the expanded view will only show the first 500 rows. In case your data has more than 500 rows, you will see the following warning:
  • If you download your data, by default the export will also show only the first 500 rows.

Set Your Custom Limit

To download complete data and not just the first 500 rows

    1. Click on Download > Advanced data options > Number of rows to include > Set your custom limit.
    2. The limit we currently support is 5000 rows.
      • This limitation is in place to guarantee smooth performance.


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