Apply Custom Fonts in Text Overlay in DAT

You can add text to your transformations in Dynamic Asset Transformation (DAT). As part of this, you can either use the out-of-the-box fonts or apply your company’s custom fonts. Using your custom font in transformations provides a consistent representation of your brand’s identity, enhances design cohesiveness, and streamlines the application of fonts in asset transformations. You can customize the font’s weight, size, color, positioning, and padding.

How to Upload Custom Fonts

Before you can apply your custom fonts in DAT, follow the steps here to upload your custom fonts in your portal settings. 


If you do not see this self-service section in your portal settings please contact your Customer Success Manager. 

Apply Custom Fonts in Text Overlay

  1. Navigate, filter, or search for an asset and click it to be directed to the Asset detail page.
  2. Click Transformations in the side panel.

3. A new window will appear with the selected asset.

4. Click Transform.


5. Click

6. In the Transformation dropdown, select Text Overlay.

7. You can use the default font (Arial) or search for your custom font here.

If you do not see your custom font in the dropdown, follow the steps to add your custom font or contact your Portal admin.

8. Enter your text in the Text field.

9. In Text Color, enter the HEX code for the font color.

10. In the Position section, choose the position for the text overlay using the position picker or the dropdown.

11. [Optional] Padding: Set the padding for the text.
12. [Optional] Angle: Enter the number of degrees to rotate the text.

13. Click Add Transformation.



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