Duplicate Finder at Upload

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The Duplicate Finder during upload gives you complete control over preventing and managing duplicate assets upon upload to the portal. You can identify and consolidate duplicate files during the upload stage to ensure the assets you access are unique and up-to-date. All Bynder-supported file types are scanned for duplicates (image, document, and video types). 

Learn more about checking for duplicates in the Waiting Room and check for duplicate images in the Asset Bank.


How to Enable the Duplicate Finder During Upload

Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more about enabling this feature and any associated costs.

Find Duplicates During Upload

  1. Follow the steps to upload assets
  2. If duplicate assets (any supported file), exist in your portal, they will be displayed on the asset thumbnail.
  3. Click Show duplicates to display the duplicate asset(s) in a new window.
    • If there are identical duplicates within your upload batch, they will be highlighted in red.
  4. To prevent the duplicate asset from being uploaded, click on the thumbnail in the upload screen.

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Additional Information

  • Assets can still be identified as duplicates even with a different filename.
  • If users have restricted visibility to assets, they will see the ‘Show duplicates’ button but may not see the identified duplicate assets in the Asset Overview.
  • The duplicate finder is not currently available in the Mass Uploader; however, once assets are uploaded and if they are duplicates of existing assets, they will be marked as such. 
  • Assets without duplicates will display Show Similar on the thumbnail. This will allow uploaders to check if there are similar assets within the portal. Learn more about similarity search here.
  • Metadata embedded into the file itself is also considered when checking for duplicates. If there are differences, the images will not be picked up. For example, two identical photos, one with embedded GPS coordinates and the other not having them, will not be considered duplicates.

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