Working with Text in Studio

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Text is one of the elements that you can add to your designs within Studio. You will be able to control the various font and color options for your text in addition to what the content creators will be able to update when creating an image or video.

Add Text

  1. Navigate to Studio and then select an existing design or create a new one. Learn more about getting started with images or videos.
  2. Add text: 
    • Images: Click + new layer in the layer panel.
    • Videos: Click + add asset in the timeline editor.
  3. Select Text, then enter the text copy.
  4. Learn more about the element options, such as how to lock, duplicate, rename or delete for images or videos.

Format Text

  1. Click the Text element.
  2. Edit text: Double-click the text in the preview to edit the copy.
  3. Text Element:
    • Alignment: Click to set the alignment within the preview or drag and drop the element to the desired location.
    • Resize: Manually enter the width and height of the text element or drag and drop the corner to resize. Click to lock the aspect ratio.
    • Location: Enter the coordinates for the element or drag and drop it to the desired location.
    • Rotate: Enter the desired rotation or rotate the text box manually.
    • Opacity: Enter the desired opacity.
  4. Text:
    • Text style (optional): Select a text style from the list. Learn more about text styles here.
    • Font family: Select the font family from the dropdown.
    • Font weight: Select from weights that are part of the selected font family (if available).
    • Font size: Set the size of the font.
    • Line height: Control the vertical distance between lines of text in a paragraph.
    • Letter spacing: Define the space between characters in a word, line, or paragraph.
    • Decoration: Underline or Strikethrough Text
    • Script: Superscript or Subscript
    • Case: Uppercase or Lower Case
    • Outline: Outline Effect (the color of the outline is inherited from the font color). If you would like to change the color of the outline you will need to configure additional color options.
  5. Font Scale (only available for a text element for a child size, not the main size): The Font Scale allows you to adjust the size of linked text elements on child sizes so that they fit the dimensions of the design. Use the slider to adjust the size or manually enter the percentage.
  6. Color: Add the text color by manually entering the hex code or click to select one of the brand colors.
    • Click Configure element styles to allow content creators to change the text color. Check the box next to the brand color that you’d like to make available.
  7. Alignment: Set the alignment, which determines how the text is distributed within its bounding box.
  8. Text wrap: Click the drop-down to select one of the two ways to wrap text.
    • Wrap text: Automatically breaks a line of text to fit within the text element bounding box without adjusting the font size.
    • Shrink text to fit: Automatically adjusts the font size on a line of text to fit within the text element bounding box. Control the minimum size of the font as it shrinks by using the slider or manually entering the minimum size percentage.
  9. Duration (video only): Set the duration of the text by dragging and dropping the element in the editor or manually entering the duration.
    • Timeline behavior: Click the dropdown to set the timeline behavior. We recommend setting the timeline behavior to Auto.
  10. Visibility control: Click the toggle to allow creators to hide/show elements during the variation creation process.


    You can still enable the visibility control if a layer is locked. If it’s locked, the user will be able to hide the element but won’t be able to make any additional edits.

  11. Mask: Select the mask from the dropdown. Learn more about masking here.
  12. Effects: Click the toggle next to the effect to enable it. Set the additional effect settings.
  13. Blend Modes: Click the dropdown to set the blend mode. Learn more about blend modes here.

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