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The Bynder Universal Compact View (UCV) Google Chrome extension allows you to access your DAM from where you’re working, without needing to switch to a separate browser to login and search for assets. You’ll be able to streamline workflows by accessing your Bynder portal online and using assets across email solutions, web-based applications, CMS, CRM, and any other system in your tech stack. View, search, filter, select, and use Dynamic Asset Transformation (DAT) to digitally transform assets directly in your Chrome Browser.

Download Extension

  1. Navigate to the Bynder UCV extension in the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Click Add to Chrome.
  3. Review the permissions needed, then click Add extension.

Learn more about installing and managing Google Chrome extensions here.

How to use the UCV extension

  1. Click in your toolbar.
    • You might have to first click if the extension is not pinned to your toolbar.
  2. Enter your portal domain (URL), then click Connect.
  3. Log in as normal.


    Your access within the extension is based on your permissions within the DAM.

Once you’ve added and logged into the extension, you’ll be able to navigate, search, select, transform, and select assets using the Universal Compact View. Once you select an asset, you can click add asset to copy the link of the selected derivative to your clipboard. Learn more about using the UCV here.

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