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Besides being one of the key design elements to make important parts of your design stand out, text styles are a powerful tool in achieving and maintaining brand consistency. Text styles are stored in the design and can be applied to any text element that lives in the design. They can be used in designs, projects, or templates.

Text styles can be used in the following ways:

  • For Designers, while designing new text elements

  • For Content Creators to format text in a content variation.


Create a New Text Style

  1. Navigate to Studio.

  2. Click + New design.

  3. Choose from an existing template or blank.

  4. Select an existing text element or click on Add asset > Text (for video) or + New Layer (for images)

  5. Navigate to the right sidebar. Make sure you are under Text tab (for videos) Text section (for images).

  6. Scroll to Text section.

  7. Click on +.

  8. Name your new text style. Customize your text styles with the formatting options. 

  9. Click Create text style.

  10. Click Save.

Managing a Text Style (detach, rename, delete)

  1. Navigate to the right sidebar.

  2. Make sure you are under the Text tab.

  3. Click on 115000116484-down_arrow2.pngto navigate to all styles.

  4. Select the Text Style you would like to manage.

  5. Click three_dots.png

  6. Navigate to either:

    • Delete style - Delete text style.

    • Detach style -  allows you to detach the text style from the text, while maintaining the set properties.

    • Rename style - allows you to rename the text style to identify it quickly.


Working with an Existing Text Style

  1. Click Add Asset > Text.

  2. Select the text element to which you would like to apply the text style.

  3. Navigate to the sidebar > Text.

  4. Click on the text style dropdown menu.

  5. Select the text style from the list.

  6. This will automatically apply the select text style to your text element.

  7. Click Save.


If you want to reuse your text styles in another design, add the text element to a group and save it as a preset.

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